Hippie Tapestries

Hippie Tapestries welcomes you to the wonderful world of hippie wall tapestries. Beautiful hippie tapestries have graced the walls of fine homes for Centuries adding there unique style and elegance to their surroundings. Here is your chance to add one of these fine hippie wall tapestries to your own home. Tapestries have a texture that is not found in any other art form as the thread colors and weaves create a unique art experience that changes with each viewing angle. You will find styles ranging from traditional to contemporary so come in and take a look around at these wonderfully crafted hippie tapestries.

hippie tapestries

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How to clean hippie tapestries?

Because your tapestry is mounted on a wall, it should not be subject to the same wear as your carpet and upholstered seating. Therefore, it should need less frequent maintenance. Having said this; some have elected to place their tapestries on the floor to use as rugs for light use. Some of the designs lend them to this. Others use them as bed coverings or table covers, which is the traditional use of a tapestry.

Vacuuming the front and back of your wall hanging tapestry once or twice per year, with your vacuum upholstery attachment, should be sufficient maintenance for many years to come. Consider cleaning your tapestries about as often as you would your fine window dressings.

For a more thorough cleaning; your tapestry must be dry cleaned only by an experienced drapery dry cleaning plant. There are also Antique Tapestry Dealers or Oriental rug wash/repair centers who may offer the same service.

How to hang hippie tapestries?

On the back of your wall hanging tapestry you will find a sleeve or rod pocket running the full width. This is sewn in to accept a rod or dowel, which should be securely mounted to your wall with appropriate brackets. Drapery rods, wooden dowels and the finials that will complement your interior are readily available at most hardware stores and drapery retailers etc. Follow the accompanying directions and install as you would any standard drapery rod.


There are two ways to hang tapestries.
a)Wooden Dowel: A quick and easy way is to cut a length of round wooden dowel, slightly longer than the rod pocket. Insert small cup hooks into each end and simply place them over small picture hook nails or any other fastening system. This is quick, easy and cheap.

b)Decorative Rods: Purchase an extendable metal rod with finials (decorative ends). Use the brackets provided for the tapestry to hang off the wall. For flush mounting, hang the rod over two picture hanging brackets, hammering in the nails at a 45 degree angle.

For an elegant and stunning designer look; show off your tapestry by adding a pair of corded tassels to either end to blend in and complement your existing décor.